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By Rex Flynn,
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At the Flynn Law Firm, we recognize how serious theft related crimes are, and how they can affect you and your livelihood, especially in Virginia.  Of all the theft-related offenses, Robbery has some of the severest consequences.  In addition to a significant period of incarceration, a robbery conviction will cause problems with employers, education, and many of these charges have serious collateral consequences, such as the loss of a security clearance, the right to vote or possess a firearm, and/or immigration consequences.  You need a proven Alexandria Robbery Attorney to fight for you.

Alexandria Robbery AttorneyRobbery is different from all other theft-related charges, as it involves an additional element of force, or threat of force.  This additional use of force, is what separates Robbery from all other theft related crimes, and is also the reason why robbery is punished more severely.  Robbery is the taking of an item, belonging to someone else, by force, or threat of force. Because of the additional use of force, and the accompanying danger to the purported victim, Robbery is treated far more severely than the other types of theft.  As opposed to other theft charges, the value of the item taken does not determine the severity of the crime.  All robberies are felonies, irrespective of the value of the merchandise involved.  If someone takes (or threatens to take) a piece of five cent gum by force, they are subject to being convicted of an unclassified felony with a minimum of 5 years rlinnd a maximum of life in prison if convicted.  Additionally, if a firearm was used in the commission of the burglary, that is a completely separate charge, with a 3-year mandatory minimum sentence if convicted.

If you or someone you care about has been charged in Alexandria with Robbery or another theft related offense, contact the Flynn Law Firm for a free consultation.  We are an African American law firm with 8 years of experience.  These charges are serious, you deserve to be represented by an attorney that you trust and that will fight for you to the very end.  Give us a call today for a free consultation.